Is Opening an E-commerce in Italy Still Convenient?

 Is opening an e-commerce in italy still convenient? Commerce, online shop what do the 2018 e-commerce data say? Let’s find out together. There is a lot of talk about digital marketing, innovation and.  New technologies, the need for digital to modernize and relaunch too traditional activities. In this direction we find e-commerce, online sales and purchases! A question therefore arises: is opening an e-commerce in italy really convenient today? Is the online shop an expanding sector and a market that still offers opportunities? Certainly . Before opening an e-commerce, due precautions must be taken, but online sales are 

E-commerce in Italy 2018 statistics

Booming especially in certain sectors! Marketing analyses, the most authoritative sources that give an answer.  To our questions, say so! E-commerce in italy 2018 statistics . Let’s take a look at the data: how much did italians spend on online purchases new data in 2018? According to studies carried out by . The school of management of the polytechnic of milan and by netcomm,.  National reference points for e-commerce, purchases from . E-commerce in italy, in the b2c sector, are 27.4 billion euros ! 16% more than the previous year, which translated into money becomes 3.8 

What is the trend among services?

Billion euros! This is the highest value recorded so far in the italian e-commerce market! How many italians on average buy online ? 23.5 million , quite a few I would say! To be even more precise, it must be said that product purchases.  Are 15 billion (+25% compared to 2017), while those of services reach 12 billion (+6%)! Where are italians’ preferences in online shopping? They go to products EK Leads and among these it is not surprising to find sales of computers or cell phones in first place. There are also niches that are growing dramatically, such as furniture and food. To go into more detail, let’s see the data of the best-selling products via e-commerce in 

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