Instant Messaging is Growing With Advertising on Whatsapp

Instant messaging is growing with advertising on whatsapp.  Business, enterprise, advertising will whatsapp advertising be a useful service for companies? Advertising on whatsapp is not yet available, but it is expected that.  It will be a very useful marketing tool for companies! It’s not us at digital target who say it, but the success . Of instant messaging and therefore of whatsapp or messenger! Added to this is the recent statement by luca colombo, country.  Manager of facebook italy, who on the occasion of the ey capri digital.  Summit indicated instant messaging as “The next frontier of business . “, announcing the arrival of 

Will WhatsApp advertising enter private chats?

Advertising on whatsapp from 2019! The two instant messaging platforms, messanger and whatsapp,.  Are from facebook: messanger new database is already used for . Advertising as well as for customer care; on whatsapp, however, it is not yet . Possible to do sponsorships, but from 2019 the situation will change! Will advertising on whatsapp also invade our chats? Not at the moment. What is certain today is that sponsored ads . Will only find a place in stories, where companies will be able to . Create commercials with images and small videos, visible in the whatsapp address book! The mechanism will be similar to what happens on instagram, 

Are Whatsap stories really seen that way?

Advertisements are inserted between one story and another. This way of advertising on whatsapp . Is certainly not very invasive, because the commercials do not enter private chats. We cannot know, however, whether there will be different developments in the future. Can we hypothesize an.  Evolution of advertising on whatsapp similar to that of messenger? Will whatsapp advertising enter private chats? For EK Leads the moment it is not planned. We know with certainty that advertising will only concern stories. Yet the example of messanger, which like.  Whatsapp is part of the facebook circuit, gives us indications.  On what the next company choices could be.

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