What Consequences Will Artificial Intelligence

What consequences will artificial intelligence have in companies? Company, enterprise is ai an advantage for businesses or a threat? Will the introduction of artificial intelligence in companies be an advantage? According to experts, yes, while for non-experts there is little.  To rejoice about, because it will lead to the loss of many jobs. So why are so many companies investing in artificial intelligence or ai? Why is it said that robots, no matter how intelligent, will never.  Be able to replace people and that the work of the future will be the . Result of close collaboration between robots and people? Why are we told that with 

Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday life

Intelligent machines work will be more . Efficient, that companies will be more competitive and align with new market trends? What is the artificial intelligence that we talk about so much? According to the definition given by wikipia, artificial.  Intelligence is a branch of computer science that creates latest database software . And hardware capable of acting in a similar way to the human mind. Hence the creation of intelligent machines, robots, which make.  Life easier for all of us, because they are capable of carrying out some actions typical of human beings. All this is possible thanks to a set of algorithms, technologies and techniques, . Which process data and ensure that hardware and software can emulate people. 

Robots will make companies more productive

A famous example of ai was the deep blue calculator which won against the world . Chess champion garri kasparov in 1996! Since then, many steps forward.  Have been made and artificial intelligence has been appli in many . Different sectors! Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday life . When we read something that talks about . Artificial intelligence, we find incomprehensible terms such as EK Leads deep learning platforms, swarm intelligence.  Voice recognition, machine.  Learning, robotic process automation, just to give some examples . Of tools that are already part of our everyday life or will become part of it to an ever greater extent.

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