Shopping on Social Media is Easier With Instagram

Shopping on social mia is easier with instagram.  Online shop with social commerce, instagram becomes a competitor of amazon.  Instagram is on its way to becoming a real e-commerce and main shopping platform on social mia. The propensity of this social network.  For e-commerce or more precisely for social commerce has.  Been demonstrat for some time and even more so by recent news. Today buying on instagram is increasingly easier: with the extension.  Of the “Shopping” function, users will be able to buy directly from.  The ” explore ” section and from the ” stories “, as well as from organic posts! With a simple click on the 

From viewing photos to online shopping

Product display on instagram, the . User will be rirect to the manufacturer’s website and will.  Be able to complete the purchase! This innovation makes instagram . A social commerce platform even more focus on sales, which. Contrasts with the e-commerce giant par excellence: amazon! From viewing photos to online shopping in the beginning on.  Instagram, followers could only special data look at images of their favorite brands,.  Search for information and sources of inspiration, but they could not go further. That this scenario would not last long and . We would move on to the transformation of instagram into a.  Social commerce platform had been in the air for some time! 

Instagram a simple social commerce tool

Facebook and pinterest on the other hand have also mov in the same direction, to allow users to shop on social mia! It must also be said that there are many companies present on.  Instagram and that there are also many advertisers: this explains.  The reason for the choice! We know that advertising is the main source of income on social mia and advertising is essential to sell! Instagram a simple social commerce tool the climb towards . Social EK Leads commerce began months ago with the addition of the.  “Shopping” function to organic instagram posts. In the photos a tag appears on the products in the shape of a handbag, which when click, shows

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