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The pandemic has “clos” a large part of the world but has not stopp B2B sales especially in companies more orient towards innovation and equipp with up-to-date salespeople who have respond by adapting circumventing and overcoming the limitations. Instead of revealing other obstacles the more digitaliz approach has help to identify and activate some improvement initiatives hitherto hidden and which today constitute the backbone of companies and their interaction with potential customers.

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Continuing reading! The situation of b2b sales Every Sales Director should think about how their team is interacting with potential customers. Next in this article B2b Email List we’ll share some ideas to help you achieve an effective sales process transformation in your company. One of the most interesting aspects is that once new commercial mechanisms have been activat companies are able to increase turnover with the same number of salespeople shattering the myth according to which to grow it is necessary to hire more salespeople . Here are some important things to consider! 1.

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A b2b sales strategy? In the B2B world sales ne a strategy just like marketing. Download the ebook To get a feel for interacting with potential customers there are a few questions to ask yourself. Does one of the salespeople make the initial contact qualify the lead and then hand the opportunity to an account manager? [It’s an “old school” approach but it’s a EG Lists proven model us by many companies] Does marketing deliver qualifi sales opportunities to the sales force and the process ends at contract signing?

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