Storytelling for Tourism. How to apply it

I’m back talking about Storytelling, and this time summarizing the webinar I gave a couple of weeks ago for the Tourism sector, although if I’m honest, everything I shared can also be applied to your business, believe me. Let us begin! Perhaps for many people the term “storytelling” is still far away. They have not practiced it or perhaps they are not yet aware of how powerful it is for their businesses and improve emotional communication with their clients and future clients. Whether you are one of the first or the second, I think it is essential that you start at the beginning.

So what makes a good story

 For a story to generate identification in the public and achieve transcendence, there are some key points that it must meet. They are certainly not the only ones, but they are some of the most important and will help you improve your storytelling when you want to create content to persuade and enchant your audience and future clients. Trust in the narrator email contact list drama, ability to tell, immersion, simplicity, involvement and familiarity are seven of the fundamental elements for a story to hook, connect and motivate the receiving audience.

Where to start to tell our storytelling

Where to start to tell our storytelling. It is essential to know the brand’s reason for being to take the first step and start EK Leads generating storytelling. That is, why should I tell my brand’s story or use stories in my content. What is the leitmotif, the reason for being. it is very important to take into account who we are going to address. who will be the audience that will receive that content. Therefore, it is necessary to define our target audience through prior research, knowing where they are, what type of content they consume, what generation they belong to, needs and concerns, etc.

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