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Philosophy, he says in the Tractatus , is an activity of linguistic criticism, and by no means a type of knowlage. Philosophy cannot be a science, nor be situate on the side of it. Even his own speech, the one found in the pages of the Tractatu , As a University to the extent that it is philosophical, is compos, says Wittgenstein, of absurd statements, but which turn out to be illuminating. Precisely, most of the problems that have been rais in philosophy and the statements that supposl make up this knowlage constitute pseudo-problems and nonsense, and this is due to ignorance of the mechanisms that govern the dynamics of language.

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In Philosophical Investigations , he will leave this sentence: “Philosophy is a fight against the spell of our understanding through our language” (Wittgenstein, 2002, p. 123). In this work, philosophy b2b email list remains an activity, although now aim at revealing what Wittgenstein calls the “deep grammar” of linguistic expressions., a task that thwarts any attempt to develop philosophical theories, since philosophical work, rather than solving problems, simply dissolves them.

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These are not answers that this work provides, but rather its exercise – always of an illuminating nature – makes them superfluous by showing the non-existence of true philosophical problems. In some passage, he will say that philosophy “(…) [leaves EK Leads everything as it is” (Wittgenstein, 2002, p. 129). In both cases, this constitutes a vision that attacks an entire tradition: that forg from distant Greece, with Socrates, As a University Plato and Aristotle; the same one that went through the Middle Ages at the hands of Thomas Aquinas, to reach modernity with Descartes,

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