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Hegel and Kant, a tradition that conceiv philosophy as a knowlge that should contain fundamental principles and definitive truths, and that was moving steadily forward. sure towards its complete achievement. Wittgenstein was one of the thinkers who crack this confident certainty. Of course: the paradox is that the formula establish by Wittgenstein (in any of its two stages) does not allow it to be a definition of philosophy, and therefore just another definition. But the valuable thing about this proposal, as I can see the issue, is that it moves away from that traditional perspective that throughout

Realiz That the Worst

Western history has conceiv of philosophy as a type of essential knowlge, one of the highest creations of human reason, a type of exemplary knowlge capable of providing the keys to existence and leading man along the straight path of wisdom, complete happiness and progress. None of this can be found in the midst b2b leads of the reflections of Wittgenstein: his is a conception that takes philosophical activity back to the ground of the mundane and places it on a plane where it can be seen like any other task . He once said, “A philosopher should have no more prestige than a plumber.” Finishing writing this text,

Thing We Can Do to

I remember a definition, neither technical nor formal, formulat by Georges Sorel, an unclassifiable French philosopher, who leaves us this statement about the philosophy that constitutes, in my opinion, what could be one of the most disturbing images that have been forg on it: “But perhaps, after all, philosophy is nothing more than the EK Leads recognition of the abysses between which lies the path that the masses follow with the serenity of sleepwalkers” (1973, p. 15) . Bas on this definition, in fact, what philosophers have apparently tri to do is that:

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