The personal brand bubble

Along these lines, we must consider that job interviews (in the case of job seekers) and interviews. With internal or external clients are also forms of professional presentation that represent our brand. But we must also keep in mind that if you don’t find opportunities. It may not be a brand or reputation problem but rather a lack of professionalism. How much would you pay for the services that you yourself offer? The professional brand and reputation open doors but it is professionalism that allows you to cross them.

Personal brand and online

Reputation guide for professionals and managers Your personal brand answers one question: what professional do you want to be? Online reputation takes shape with another closely related question: how professional do you want to appear? The best way to appear is to be , I think we agree on that Crypto Email List but many times personal brand and online reputation do not coincide. You can be a great plumber or facility maintainer, but not have the relevance or reputation you deserve. And vice versa, you can “pretend” to have mastery in an applied field and be a terrible worker with confusing ideas and ineffective skills.

In short, you will be a

Super professional with the power of your personal brand if you manage to be in the minds of the clients and professionals that you want to buy your products or services. Personal branding is discovering and/or defining your personal brand. Marketing is communicating EK Leads your brand. I agree with Andrés Pérez @marcapersonal when he said that making yourself known is not branding but marketing.

Whether online or offline. It is the difference between branding and presentation or sale. The type of brand initially defined conditions the presentation, but the presentation and sale also influence and modify the brand, especially when Web 2.0 allows experimenting, communicating and receiving feedback quickly, frequently and cheaply.

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