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Dont use Function When you use the job title filter, LinkIn will search within all the job experiences mark as Present. profile update linkin sales navigator The thing is, many people forget to correctly update their job position when they change jobs. They create a new experience, but they don’t close the previous one, which is still mark as present. Ex: here is a prospect in a search for the keyword CEO job titles looks into present experience What Evaboot does to fix this.

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Current experience of the people and check if this seo expate bd experience match the job titles you were looking for. . Don’t use the Industry filter in the lead search Many people think the industry filter on the lead search looks for the industry of their company. But it’s looking for the industry of the profile how to use the industry filter on sales navigator But what’s the industry of the profile? This is the industry you can change here: how to change your industry on linkin Most users consider this field as.

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Sales if they work in Sales, even if they work EK Leads in a Software company. Ex: I have ve chang my industry from Computer Software to Chemicals and this is what happens. industry filter search problem slaes navigator If you use this filter, there will be some garbage in your search for sure, but you can still use it with Evaboot if you want as some people will correctly fill their profile industry. What Evaboot does to fix this We extract the company industry on the prospect company page, and we check if it matches with the industry you select on your lead search. Basically, we correct this filter to make it search the right information. how evaboot solve the industry filtering problem on sales navigator .

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