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When speaking radical Authenticity There is only one you. If you find that person and dare to be that person, then you can take position in life and in a company, instead of applying reactively to preconceive job titles. This means that as an organization you have to stop with vacancy texts. Instead, you should share all of the company’s challenges and goals. This way, applicants can argue for themselves in what form they can contribute. . Fair Entrepreneurship Only if you choose or devise your projects yourself, work together with people who can stand on their own two feet and fully earn back.

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What you contribute for example in the form of a profit share, you can show your true nature and feel successful. Many companies are use to partially performance-base rewards for sales people. So you better do photo editor that with everyone. . Structure autonomy The obligation to work × hours in the office and be present at every meeting does not make you happy. Self-management and agile must be implemente much better. That means: not falling back into old project works, but also not letting everything flutter. Success is simply not achieve on your own insight and skills.

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Without clear processes, objectives, safety nets and limitations, autonomy does not lead to success or personal growth. A concrete way to apply this is, for example, the introduction of the two-day office sprint : a -hour block in which employees EK Leads are always present and fully committe every week. The further you go in this (for example by building in fixe holiday weeks as is done in eucation), the more everyone knows where they stand and the more relaxation, team spirit, learning ability, fun and results are create. Also read. The performance interview could be better, this is how you start the right conversation Do you know how to bind enterprising employees to you.

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