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Thanks to complementary products, sales can increase significantly. What is an example of a complementary product? The best-known examples are from popular fast-food chains. In such a place, when ordering one thing, we usually come across a suggestion to order more. For example – when ordering fries, we receive an offer to buy an additional drink or sauce. Where to get ideas for complementary products? When specifying complementary products in your store, you should first define the target group to which these products will be addresse and which will potentially bring the greatest profits. The second step is to conduct a marketing audit.

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Product differentiation – 7 main principles January 25, 2021 What is product differentiation and why is it one of the most effective marketing tools of the 21st century? Below are a handful of examples of what works in this area and gives profits database every day. What is product differentiation? When is it worth using product differentiation? Product differentiation – examples Product differentiation – what are the risks associate with it? The history of marketing is product differentiation through examples. Coca-Cola-Pepsi, Burger King-McDonald, Microsoft-Apple. These are famous couples whose marketing is largely base on mutual differentiation.


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There are three parts to effective differentiation from the competition: effectiveness of action, proximity, customer relationship, product quality. Each of them can be studie separately or in relation to each other. The MBLM agency’s research EK Leads conducte after interviews with 6,200 clients from three continents shows that, for example, in the field of proximity and customer relations in 2019, Disney, Apple and Amazon ranke highest in the world. Presence in the first places in such rankings, however, is not given once and for all, and consistently high positions require understanding what product differentiation is all about and constantly implementing it.

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