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To better understand what exactly it is, you can refer to relate concepts. Similar marketing strategies include: marketing targeting or market segmentation . In ” An Inquiry Into Micro Marketing Strategy as Implemente by the Coffee Industry: Is the Industry Fracturing the Market?” prepare in 1990 at the University of North Florida in the USA, the evolution of dominant marketing strategies over time is briefly describe, along with the specifie moment of emergence of the micromarketing approach: 1900: mass marketing 1950: market segmentation 1980: micromarketing We recommend.

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Marketing communication goals – what they are and how to adapt them to the company’s nees “Micromarketing renounces mass marketing aime at the mythical “average” consumer. Instead, the company creates both the product phone number list and its accompanying marketing tailore to the nees of micro-markets .” – explains the author of the paper Keith D. ewards. Are you looking for effective actions? Do you want to increase sales? You are in the right place. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Micromarketing in examples An example of what micromarketing is often cite in the literature is the food industry, specifically chain stores.

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Each of several hundre could contain (and often does) exactly the same goods. Another micromarketing approach can also be use. Then, for example: the X chain store on the seaside promenade offers a lot of cold drinks, cosmetics and beach accessories EK Leads with an appropriate margin; X chain discount store in a deprive district has a full range of the cheapest private label products and competes mainly on price; the X chain store among villas and embassies also offers several Premium products a wider selection of wines than anywhere else. Price is not the main criterion here, which is taken into account by those who shop.

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