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The most common of these is sending a reminder e-mail after a certain period of time, usually 1-3 letters. A common strategy is that one goes on the road in in a few hours, and the last one in several days. a discount code as an incentive. Contact us and we will help you find a suitable strategy for “forgotten shopping cart reminder”. Quick way to get in touch – chat module – BE CAREFUL when setting up Add Messenger chat to your e-shop Set up your e-shop so that customers can always get answers to important questions quickly; be sure to add a quick chat option to your e-store to improve the e-store customer experience.

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Not only does this add significant creibility to the purchase process and the e-store in general, but through it the page visitor also gets the feeling that someone is really there for them. Of course, the chat also nees to be set up properly (for example, set an database automatic reply when you are away; a FAQ can be adde immeiately as an automatic reply when you are away, etc.). In this way, you ensure that the problems of your customers during the purchase and the questions that arise before the purchase do not remain unanswere. Nowadays, it is also possible to automate part of the conversation.


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The whole conversation, with various tools . Ask Webhai for advice and we’ll help you find the right direction! About 2/3 of customers say EK Leads that a company that values ​​their time is the most important part of good customer service. shipping, easy returns, or even a “pleasant” shopping experience – the goal of good customer service is not to waste customers’ time.

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