This spot forces a smile to show the unfortunate reality of homeless children

In the United Kingdom, Christmas ads are almost an institution and, although it is only the beginning of November, a good number of campaigns directly related to Christmas hatch every day there. From British lands comes precisely one of the most heartbreaking spots born this year in the heat of Christmas ( when advertising deliberately seeks to move the viewer to tears ). The spot in question. Which based on its cheerful initial images could be perfectly confused with the typical Christmas advertisement. Is signed by the NGO focused on homelessness Shelter and the agency Don’t Panic.

The ad stars a child who forces a smile every time he encounters a setback

he spot opens with a scene in which industry email list the little boy practices his smile (false and forced in equal parts) in front of the school bathroom mirror. While the chords of the song “When You’re Smiling” are heard in the background. by Dean Martin. Shelter and Don’t Panic thus play tricks to make the viewer. Believe that they are nothing more than watching a conventional Christmas advertisement. The protagonist of the spot has to deal with an infinite litany of small calamities (getting bad marks, not stopping a goal or there being no pudding in the school cafeteria). However, even though misfortune seems to follow the child like a bad shadow. He invariably forces a smile.

Don't Panic worked closely with Shelter

to ensure that each and every EK Leads detail of the temporary accommodation where the boy. His mother will spend Christmas were realistic and aligned with the reality of homelessness. Distributed across television and social media. The Shelter spot has been produced by Academy and directed by alderman duo Si & Ad. “Dean Martin’s voice manages to convey joy and sadness in equal measure. Explains the duo Si & Ad in relation to the choice of the soundtrack for the spot. «The recording of the song was full of nostalgia. But the song fits perfectly with the narrative of the advertisement. “Dean Martin himself died alone on Christmas Day. Which adds even more poignant meaning to the message hidden in the song,” he emphasizes.

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