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The campaign against gender violence by the Xunta de Galicia not only generated controversy after its launch on social networks. But also became the worst advertisement of the year 2022, according to FACUA-Consumers in Action . This dubious honor is awarded to the campaign due to “a series of advertisements in which it continued to blame the victims for how they dress. Where they are or what they do,” as FACUA expresses it.

Ad of the Year is an Award That FACUA

This Worst (and most sexist) has organized since 2010. Therefore, With the aim of raising awareness about the abuses job function email list that occur in the market. And promoting the commitment to responsible practices of companies with their consumers. The Xunta de Galicia receives the award for Worst Advertisement of the Year. According to FACUA On this occasion, the “award” for the worst FACUA advertisement is given to the Xunta for a series of advertisements. That focus on the attitude or way of dressing of victims of gender violence, “blaming” them for the consequences of some assault.

The Xunta's Campaign

In second place is an advertisement from the La Vaguada nightclub, in Grao, where a “caravan of women” was EK Leads announced, as a lure for a party. In this campaign, launched within the framework of 25N . The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. You can read messages such as “Wear your sports leggings. I’m going to run at night. What’s happening now? “It shouldn’t happen, but it happens. An approach that was criticized by journalists and politicians on social media.

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