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Although it seems that we are dealing with science fiction speculation, the truth is that in the not too distant future it is likely that the way in which a large part of humanity eats will have been transform . We are what we eat, it’s true. And it is also undeniable that the way we have been doing it for at least a century has not been the best. In seeking to satisfy this vital ne we have incurr preferences and excesses that manifest in health problems that are now difficult to control: obesity, for example. On the other hand, there are nutritional disparities on a global level that have brought together organizations and experts in order to find solutions that necessarily involve modifications in our nutritional habits.

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Thus, although the historic “challenge against hunger” has been ruc in recent times, there are still a good number of countries whose populations are expos to famine and malnutrition. But in the desire to materialize a healthy diet within the reach of most, if not all, human beings, the environmental variable also intervenes, and specifically the commitments that derive from the Paris Agreement business database to ruce greenhouse gas emissions. This is because approximately one third of environmental pollution is generat in the food production chain – crops, livestock raising, processing and transportation of industrial foods, preparation, ingestion and waste of food.

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For many, the fact that food is currently cheap (in relation to income) leads to more consumption but also to more waste, and hence the interest in achieving sustainable agricultural production mechanisms and, at the same time, habits. healthy consumption . This would be EK Leads the scenario for the consolidation of organic, artisanal production, and the emergence of small farms and hatcheries. Under these new conditions, what characteristics will the human diet have towards the year 2030? Without a doubt, healthy foods will be the first option: free of fats, sugars and refinement processes.

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